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Articles & Publications

Den with Fireplace Integral Design Consultant Lorell Frysh of Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

• Interior Design and Psychology: A Deep Relationship,  Conscious Life Journal, March 2019

• Workings of the Conscious Mind   Atlanta Conscious Life Journal, November 2018

• Meet Lorell Frysh of Integral Design Consultant in Buckhead, July 2018

• How To Use These 7 Spiritual Practices To Improve ALL Relationships, August 2016

• Which Of These Ancient Personality Types Explains The Way YOU Love?, June 2016

• Sufism: Opening Ourselves to the Divine  Elephant Journal, March 2016

• Vaastu Shastra for a Heavenly Home  (with Siddartha Shah) Elephant Magazine, Autumn 2006

• Aligning Your Workplace for Success: Incorporating the Ancient Tradition of Vaastu Shastra Into Your Studio Design  (with Siddhartha V. Shah) Yogi Times, Summer 2006

• Open for Business: Vaastu Shastra in the Workplace   (with Siddartha Shah) Elephant Magazine, Winter 2005

• Home, Divine Home  Elephant Magazine, Spring 2005

• Spiritual Teachers: What are they about?   Wholehealth Austin. July/August 2004

• Spiritual Emergency: How Do We Recognize It? How Do We Cope with it?   Wholehealth Austin. May/June 2004

• Art as an invitation and expression of The Transcendent Experience  (with Tobin Hart Ph.D.) Interdisciplinary Journal of Art and Psychology, 1998

• Doctoral Dissertation: The Experience of Self: An Exploration of the Understanding Gained as a Result of Growing up in the Household of a Spiritual Teacher  June 2006

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